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3 Great Services & Bundled Pricing

  • Cooking Oil Filtration
  • Exhaust Hood Cleaning
  • Waste Oil Collection
Cooking Oil Micro-Filtration Machine

    or more each month GUARANTEED!
    with every filtration in 3 minutes!
    your used oil to the grease dumpster!
    (No more slips & burns)

  • BEST Oil Filtration Machine in the USA
  • Use it Daily & Save Money
  • Cut Your Oil Costs by 50% each Month GUARANTEED

Exhaust Hood Cleaning
  • Exhaust hood system cleaning
  • Filter cleaning
  • Duct & access panel cleaning
  • Fan blade cleaning
  • Air balancing
  • Fan belt change
  • Roof grease pad changing
  • Roof top make-up-air filter cleaning
  • Drive through pressure washing
  • Before & after pictures w/ cleaning

Waste Oil Collection
  • We will collect your waste oil
  • We will pay you top dollar
  • We will supply our own tank
  • No charge for piping to be able to dump your waste oil right from your kitchen.

We pay you the highest dollar for your waste oil.

Your Customers Will Love Your Fried Food


Our 3 main services are available to your restaurant independently or bundled for an even more affordable price.
Call us today for a free quote. (Not all services are available nationwide).

Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning
Your restaurant needs to be cleaned by a Certified company that is familiar with NFPA fire Code 96 regulations...Why? Because grease is fuel and one tiny spark can ignite it. The frequency of the cleanings is also important...Wood burning grills need to be cleaned monthly...24 hour restaurants are required to have quarterly cleanings...Moderate volume cooking facilities are required to clean their hoods twice a year and churches or low volume cooking kitchens, once a year. Our company certifies and trains every franchisee and employee to clean according to NFPA Code 96 standards, so God forbid there is a fire, you are protected and your insurance company will pay your claim. Our hood cleaning goes above and beyond what other hood cleaning companies do without charging extra. This is what we do: We inspect and service the fan once a year and change the belt and balance the air of the fan, we change your roof grease filter with every cleaning so the grease doesn't collect on the roof, we clean the entire exhaust hood system from the filters to the duct work, the fan as well as the filters on the roof which are part of the make-up air unit in order to provide good circulation in your kitchen. We use a 4,000 PSI hot water pressure washer as well as a spin jet, which is the ONLY way to properly clean vertical ducts. If your exhaust hood cleaning company is done doing all these things, than give us a call and go with the best in the industry, without paying a high price.

Cooking Oil Filtration
You will love this service! We will drop off to you our micro-oil filtration machine that you keep at your restaurant, cleaning your oil as often as you like! Use it daily, use it after lunch and after diner...THIS WILL CUT YOUR COOKING OIL CONSUMPTION BY 50% OR MORE EACH MONTH! Our filtration machine will also keep our fryers in super clean condition as well as make it a safe way to transport the hot cooking oil to the grease dumpster when you are ready to throw it away! The other great thing about using our oil filtration machine is that YOUR CUSTOMERS WILL LOVE YOUR FRIED FOOD...That is priceless. CALL US TODAY!

Waste Oil Collection
We will pay you top dollar for the waste cooking oil we collect from your restaurant and 100% of the cooking oil we collect from your tank that has been filtered by our cooking oil filtration machine. Other waste oil companies typically pay only 50-60% of what they collect, we pay 100% because the waste oil filtered from our machine is ready to be sold to bio diesel companies and does not need additional rendering. Give us a call today and start getting paid close to double of what you are being paid right now!